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Advocacy Activities in JOICFP

JOICFP is a leading NGO in implementing international projects in developing countries as well as in advocating the issues of population and sexual and reproductive health (SRH). JOICFP takes extensive and various approaches to promote its advocacy activities, which aim to create awareness on population and SRH issues and mobilize resources for these fields.

JOICFP recognizes that the Program of Action, which was agreed at the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD) in 1994, Platform of Action of 1995 Women’s Conference and MDGs in 2000 still needs more commitment to find concrete solutions. The international community has since witnessed notable progress in some areas of SRH. Nonetheless, a sizeable majority of women all over the world still suffer from lack of access to SRH information, care and services. Furthermore, in relation to SRH, the real involvement of governments, including Japan’s, to increase financial commitments, implementation of gender sensitive programs, universal services and legal reforms in developing countries is still pending.

Given the above situation, JOICFP advocates locally, regionally, and internationally through networks with Members of Parliament, governmental organisations (GOs), non-governmental organisations (NGOs), mass media, business communities, grassroots communities and international organizations (IOs) to increase support for SRH worldwide.

Enhancing policy dialogue

Opinion leaders and decision-makers are a major target of JOICFP’s advocacy efforts, which involve such key individuals as parliamentarians. Through regular dialogue, JOICFP seeks to increase Official Development Assistance (ODA) for SRH and influence Japanese policy on population and SRH.

Targeting civil society

JOICFP creates public awareness of global SRH needs and generates public support for an active Japan response to these needs. The NGO works closely with the media and pursues various initiatives including advocacy events with celebrities. E-mail magazines, newsletters, and symposiums organized by JOICFP also serve to enhance awareness.