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Communication for Development

JOICFP Communication Experts Unit (J_CEU) provides technical consultation and assistance in communication for development (C4D), particularly programs in communication for behaviour and social change, and national and local advocacy. The technical menu offered by J_CEU includes communication strategy development, information and knowledge management, capacity development, process documentation, and media tools development.

Since its foundation in 1968, JOICFP has been accumulating much experience and expertise in what was in earlier days called health education or IEC (information, education and communication). With the development of digital technology and ICTs, JOICFP’s communication program has evolved to incorporate these new challenges, effectively developing technical programs that apply these technologies. JOICFP also learns from marketing communication strategies that have proven to be effective in the profit sector.

The non-profit sector tends to be left behind by the rapidly developing world of ICT, not being able to fully reap its benefits. In the field of C4D for reproductive health, for instance, people in the non-profit sector still use the same strategies and theories of the 20th century. If this situation is not addressed, a digital divide will overshadow all developmental and international cooperation activities. J_CEU works to transfer techniques and skills in the 21st century with the benefit of ICT to partners in developing countries in order for them to respond to diversified needs effectively and efficiently.

J_CEU has transferred technical skills to program managers and technical personnel from UNFPA, UNICEF, GOs and NGOs, as well as health personnel and volunteers at the community level through its tailor-made consulting programs. The number of people who have been trained by J_CEU in the last 5 years is over 1,000.
JOICFP has also been strong at creating visual media contents for advocacy and program purposes, accumulating large amounts of information and records, which currently comes to more than 66,000 items (texts, audio, movies and still photos) related to reproductive health interventions.

The work of the unit consists of three components: (1) DigiPlanLab, where new technologies, program tools, and media tool templates are developed, and information and records of RH interventions are assetized, (2) J_CEU, where the developed technologies are applied through consultation and technical transfer in programs and projects, and (3) Release, where the developed tools and contents are released to those who would like to make use of them in their programs/projects.