TICAD7 公式サイドイベント 女性の健康と権利が最優先~アフリカにおけるUHC達成に向けて~


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TICAD7 公式サイドイベントWomen’s Health and Rights, First ーToward Achieving UHC in Africa



毎日約 830 人が、妊娠と出産に伴う予防可能な原因で死亡しています。その 99%がアフリカをはじめとした途上国の女性です。また、世界の15 歳~19 歳の女性の死因の 1 位が妊娠・出産に伴うものです。





日 時: 2019年8月29日(木) 10:30~12:00 (開場 10:10)
会 場: パシフィコ横浜 展示ホールB05(アクセス
登壇者: 登壇者(あいうえお順、敬称略):
総合司会 冨永愛(ジョイセフアンバサダー)
 あべ俊子(外務副大臣)
 アルバロ・ベルメホ(国際家族計画連盟事務局長)
 石井澄江(ジョイセフ理事長)
 エメファ・シェリタ・アンコウ(IPPFトーゴ(ATBEF)ピア・エデュケーター)
 武見敬三(参議院議員)
 ナタリア・カネム(国連人口基金事務局長)
 ビエンス・ガワナス(国連アフリカ特別顧問室特別顧問)※調整中
 山本尚子(WHO事務局長補)
 ユニティ・ダウ(ボツワナ外務国際協力大臣)
言 語: 英語・日本語 (同時通訳)
参加費: 無料
定 員: 200名
申し込み:https://forms.gle/EZeY1ePvSG4C5TMq9 (定員になり次第締め切り)


Women’s Health and Rights, first: Toward Achieving UHC in Africa

The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), the International Family Planning Federation (IPPF), and the Japanese Organization for Cooperation in Family Planning (JOICFP) are proudly hosting a TICAD7 Official Side Event titled “Women’s Health and Rights, First: Toward Achieving UHC in Africa” on 29 August 2019.

Every day, about 830 women are losing their lives due to preventable causes related to pregnancy and childbirth. 99% of these women are from developing countries, including Africa. Moreover, when looking at causes of death among women aged 15 to 19, pregnancy and childbirth related ones top the list.

Health is a human right. We shall never achieve “health for all” without fulfilling the rights of women and youth living in developing countries. This is only possible by promoting Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR), including issues such as maternal and child health, ending child marriage and other traditional practices that are harmful to men, women, and children, and creating a gender-equal world.

The global community is working to achieve Universal Health Coverage, where anybody can receive quality health services, when they need them, and at an affordable price. Japan, who has a long experience of providing a national health insurance scheme, leads the promotion for UHC around the world including countries in Africa. A high-level discussion on UHC is planned at the UN General Assembly this fall.

So, the question is: How much is SRHR acknowledged in the discussions for UHC?

Parliamentarians from Japan, representatives of international organizations, including the UN and IPPF, and grass-roots activists from Africa join the table to discuss on how to realize the SDGs basic concept to “Leave No one Behind” through UHC. The talk will begin from understanding how SRHR is crucial to UHC. Panel with conclude the session with a statement towards the ICPD25 Nairobi Summit held in November. Ms. Ai Tominaga, JOICPF Ambassador, will be the MC. Those who are interested in gender equality, health promotion, and SRHR are most welcome.

Date/Time: Thursday, 29 August 2019, 10:30-12:00 (Venue opens at 10:10)
Venue:   B05, Pacific Convention Plaza Yokohama(PACIFICO Yokohama)
1-1-1, Minato Mirai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama 220-0012, JAPAN (access)
Speakers: Speakers (Alphabetical Order, Honorific titles omitted):
Speakers (Alphabetical Order, Honorific titles omitted):
MC: Ai Tominaga, JOICFP ambassador
 Alvaro Bermejo, Director-General, International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF)
 Bience Gawanas, Special Adviser on Africa, United Nations Secretary General【TBC】
 Eméfa Chérita Ankou, Peer educator, IPPF Togo (ATBEF), Togo
 Keizo Takemi, Member of the House of Councilors, Japan
 Naoko Yamamoto, Assistant Director-General, UHC/Healthier Populations Division, World Health Organization (WHO)
 Natalia Kanem, Executive Director, United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)
 Sumie Ishii, Chairperson, Japanese Organization for International Cooperation in Family Planning (JOICFP)
 Toshiko Abe, State Minister for Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan
 Unity Dow, Minister of International Affairs and Cooperation, Botswana
Language: Japanese and English (simultaneous interpretation provided)
Admission: Free
Capacity:  200 pax
Reservation: https://forms.gle/EZeY1ePvSG4C5TMq9 (First-come, first-served basis)
Contact: advocacy@joicfp.or.jp

Note: Although TICAD 7 is an invitation-only event, this official event will be open to the public.