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+ Wrap Up
+ Voice of Voices by Dr.Kuroda
Safe Motherhood
+ Annual MCH/FP
+ MCH Training
Resource Mobilization
+ Business Sector Continues Support for JOICFP
Integrated Project
+ Chinese team Recognizes Value of Cooperation Between GOs and NGO
Bicycle for Community
+ MCCOBA Assistance to the Real Grassroots Appreciated by Ethiopia
Community RH
+ New Video Adovocacy
+ Myanmar Mid-term Review
+ Japanese RH Pioneer
+ Community Advocacy
+ New Advocacy Program on World AIDS Day
EXPO2005, Aichi
+ 'Save the Mothers' is JOICFP's Theme at EXPO 2005

- From 12th to 29th October, JOICFP received three trainees from Brazil for counterpart training entrusted by JICA.

- From 3rd to 14th November, a ten-member Chinese team visited JOICFP to learn about Japanese experiences in population, reproductive health and family planning (RH/FP), and community health and social welfare.

- On 27th October, Teshome Fiseha, Counselor, Embassy of Ethiopia, Japan, visited JOICFP to express thanks for the MCCOBA program.

- From 19th October to 5th November, Atsushi Yoshino, Director, Asami Takeuchi, Technical Officer, Media Communications, and Tomoko Fukuda, Program Officer were in Laos to work on the production of a new ASRH video.

- During 8th to 18th November, Ryoko Nishida, Director, and Tomoko Fukuda, Program Officer, International Program, JOICFP, were in Myanmar for a mid-term review of the UNFPA Country Program.

- From 15th to 17th November, Ryoko Nishida, Director, and Kei Yoshidome, Program Officer, International Program, JOICFP, were in Cambodia for preparation of country level activities under the UNFPA Asia Regional Project on ASRH.

- From 20th to 25th November, Sumie Ishii, Executive Director, JOICFP, was in China to attend a seminar for the JICA Primary Health Care Project in Anhui Province.

- On 1st December, Harumi Kodama, Parliamentary/NGO Public Affairs Officer, Information, Executive Board and Resource Mobilization Division, UNFPA visited JOICFP to exchange information.

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