White Ribbon

White Ribbon Healthy women, Healthy world.
When women are healthy, so are their children, families, communities, and countries. The White Ribbon Alliance understands the synergy between sexual, reproductive, maternal, newborn, child, and adolescent health policies and services and implements holistic solutions.
Our approach of educating people about their health and rights, then equipping them to lead change in their communities, is practical and creates lasting change for generations to come.
JOICFP works as a secretariat of the White Ribbon Japan and promotes the movements in the country.


Healthy women, Healthy world.

JOICFP organizes the White Ribbon Festival to raise awareness of the white ribbon movement that aims at realizing “the world where all women can live a healthy life in their own way” and to increase an opportunity to take action to achieve the goal.
This charity event is held for two weeks, during which JOICFP and all participants commemorate International Women’s Day on March 8. Anyone who agrees with the white ribbon movement can participate in the White Ribbon Festival.
As there are multiple ways to join in the festival, JOICFP urges three major actions: 1) running at our annual charity event, White Ribbon Run (WRR), 2) viewing online programs delivered each morning during the white ribbon weeks, and 3) shopping charity items.

Action One: RUN

White Ribbon Run is a charity run JOICFP has organized since 2016, in conjunction with International Women’s Day, and WRR in 2022 is the 7th event. The run intends to develop a circle of assistance, aiming at realizing “the world where all women live healthily and in their own way.”
Under the slogan “Let’s run, for yourself, and for someone else,” participants wear the same official T-shirt to run together for women worldwide. By getting connected online, we take a White Ribbon action globally.
Part of the entry fee will be donated to protect women’s lives and health around the world.

Action Two: KNOW through online programs streamed every morning during the white ribbon weeks!

JOICFP distributes online contents during the white ribbon weeks (March 1 to 13). The programs offer talk shows by inviting special guests of different backgrounds who support the white ribbon movement and exercises in the morning. By “gaining knowledge,” we become aware of our SRHR, women’s empowerment and gender equality issues and could “make a choice” for ourselves and acquire a healthy lifestyle.

Action Three: SHOP at White Ribbon Online Charity Shop

White Ribbon Online Charity Shop sells a wide variety of goods available only during the white ribbon weeks. Supporters enjoy shopping, and part of the proceeds at the charity shop will also be donated for the white ribbon movement.